I am an inventive and creative designer, working within the arts. My project roles vary from theatre design, illustration, event design, and puppetry. I lead workshops for children and I teach theatre design in higher education. I also run Hattie Pom Pom, a creative hat making company. RECENT PROJECT- Head of styling for Jamie Oliver's Big Feastival/ Costume, set, and puppetry with Blunderbus Theatre Company. 'The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark' CURRENT PROJECTS- A vintage wedding styling project/ Creating the show The Secret Garden with Angel Exit Theatre. MY UPCOMING PROJECT- The styling of 'Wedding week' at Bluewater Shopping Centre

Monday, 5 July 2010


I have been working in collaboration with a Primary school on Northamptonshire to create designs for their production of Bumnblesnouts. The designs are there for the parents to source costumes of a similar style. The punks need tartan fabric and shirts, denim, and leather jackets, and spiked hair. The Mrs Fizzy's need aprons, rollers, and flowery dresses.

The bumblesnouts are gentle aliens who travel all the way from outer space in a funny old spaceship to show humans how to take better care of their planet. They are horrified when they are attacked by bullies and sprayed by over-zealous cleaner, threatened by game hunters, a tree Fella' and gangsters- all behaving very badly indeed. But these earthlings get their comeuppance, and learn their lesson as it appears. Below ae some of the designs I have created for the school.