I am an inventive and creative designer, working within the arts. My project roles vary from theatre design, illustration, event design, and puppetry. I lead workshops for children and I teach theatre design in higher education. I also run Hattie Pom Pom, a creative hat making company. RECENT PROJECT- Head of styling for Jamie Oliver's Big Feastival/ Costume, set, and puppetry with Blunderbus Theatre Company. 'The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark' CURRENT PROJECTS- A vintage wedding styling project/ Creating the show The Secret Garden with Angel Exit Theatre. MY UPCOMING PROJECT- The styling of 'Wedding week' at Bluewater Shopping Centre

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Khalid The Dreamer

I am currently working on costume designs for a school play entitled Khalid The Dreamer. We have two weeks till the costumes are to be made. I am fabric shopping tommorow for tassles beads, bracelets, Moroccan shoes, and all of the fabric.
Below are the costumes on the fitting day. Laura did a fantastic job with these costumes and they looked fantastic on stage!

The play, set in Morocco near the foothills of the Atlas mountains, tells the story of a young gardener (Khalid) who rises to the position of Captain of the King’s guard. He must fight the bear Gargorah, set on him by the fierce King of the Forest to free his true love, the Princess Zayda, who has been kidnapped. The sprites (dwarves) and their magic almond provide the comedic element along with King Mahmoud’s long-suffering troubles with his obstinate daughter Zayda. In the end Khalid’s greatest dream comes true and he wins the love of the princess.